vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines no. 24

Studies in the Sems sde tradition of rDzogs chen

Edited by Jean-Luc Achard

Sam van Schaik

Dzogchen, Chan and the Question of Influence, pp. 5-20.

Christopher Wilkinson
The Mi nub rgyal mtshan Nam mkha' che And the Mahā Ākāśa Kārikās: Origins and Authenticity, pp. 21-80. 

Dylan Esler
The Exposition of Atiyoga in gNubs-chen Sangs-rgyas ye-shes' bSam-gtan mig-sgron, pp. 81-136. 

Karen Liljenberg
On the Thig le drug pa and the sPyi chings, two of the Thirteen Later Translations of the rDzogs chen Mind Series, pp. 137-156.

Jim Valby
Five Principles of rDzogs chen Transmission in the Kun byed rgyal po, pp. 157-164.

Kurt Keutzer
The Nine Cycles of the Hidden, The Nine Mirrors, and Nine Minor Texts on Mind: Early Mind Section Literature in Bon, pp. 165-201.

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