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The Instructions on the Six Lamps


The Instructions on the Six Lamps, translated from the tibetan by Jean-Luc Achard, Editions Khyung-Lung, September 2014, 159 pages.

Text from the back cover :

The teachings of the Six Lamps belong to the inner section of the Zhangzhung Nyengyü and describe the instructions of Trekchö and Thögel in a very direct mode. In the text itself, Tapihritsa explains the abiding mode of the Base of the natural state, as well as the visionary practice of the Path. It is through such a practice that one can contemplate the marvels of one’s Clear-Light, before achieving the ultimate Fruit of Buddhahood. In this respect, the text contains a complete teaching of Dzogchen, from beginning to end.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements 9

Part I — Introduction 11
1. The historical setting 12
2. The teachings of the Great Perfection 15
2-1. The Zhangzhung Nyengyü 15
2-2. The nature of the Base, Awareness and Mind 20
2-3. Instructions on visionary practice 22
2-4. The arising of intermediate states 27
2-5. Instructions on the nature of the Fruit 29
2-6. The way to perform the practice 33
3. The text of the Six Lamps 37

Part II — Translation of the Instructions on the Six Lamps 39Preface 39
I. The Lamp of the Abiding Base 43
1. The natural state of the Base 43
1-1. The Universal Base 43
1-2. Awareness 44
1-3. The intellect 46
1-4. The summary 47
2. The separation between Saṃsāra and Nirvāṇa 47

II. The Lamp of the Flesh-Heart 57

III. The Lamp of the White and Smooth Channel 61

IV. The Water Lamp of the Far-Reaching Lasso 67

V. The Lamp of the Direct Introductions to the Pure Realms 69
1. The direct introduction to the Three bodies 69
2. Gaining decisive certainty 71

VI. The Lamp of the Moment of the Bardo 79
Colophon 85

Part III — Complementary instructions 911. Parallels between The Six Lamps and other works of the Zhangzhung Nyengyü 91
1-1. Corresponding teachings with the first Lamp 91
1-2. Corresponding teachings with the second Lamp 98
1-3. Corresponding teachings with the third Lamp 101
1-4. Corresponding teachings with the fourth Lamp 104
1-5. Corresponding teachings with the fifth Lamp 108
1-6. Corresponding teachings with the sixth Lamp 113

2. The Complementary Works to the Six lamps 118
2-1. The root-text itself 118
2-2. The commentaries 121
2-3. The actual complementary works 123
2-4. Further doxographical works 129
2-5. The practice manual 133

Glossary 139

Bibliography 155

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