dimanche 6 décembre 2015

The Curriculum of the Zablam Khandro Thukthik by Düdjom Rinpoche

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The Curriculum of the Zablam Khandro Thukthik, by Jean-Luc Achard, translated from the French by Marianne Ginalski, December 2015, éd. Khyung-mkhar, PDF, 16 pages.

4e de couverture :

The Zablam Khandro Thuktik (Zab lam mkha’ ‘gro thugs tig) of Düdjom Rinpoche (1904- 1987) is one of the central cycles of the collection of the New Treasures of the Tradition of Düdjom (bDud ‘joms gter gsar). It contains a guidance manual (khrid yig) describing all the precepts of the Path in a gradual way, in which each practice relies on the former one, in order to guide practitioners step by step towards the sublimities of the Great Perfection. This booklet contains the practice program for the three-year retreat centered on this cycle, as well as the detailed contents of the precepts included in theguidance manual."

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