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Principles of Trekchö and Thögel

Vient de paraître

The Principles of Trekchö and Thögel, by Jean-Luc Achard, translated from the French by Marianne Ginalski, PDF ed., Khyung-mkhar, March 2016, 15 pages.

4e de couverture :
The practices of Trekchö (khregs chod) and Thögel (thod rgal) are the two main poles of the utterly secret cycle of the Great Perfection. The first enables the practitioner to become familiar with the sapiential aspect (shes cha) of Awareness (rig pa), while the second develops the true principles of this Awareness with its visionary aspect (snang cha) entirely focused on a contemplation based on very specific key points, such as the four Lamps (sgron ma bzhi). By applying the principles associated with these practices, the yogi contemplates the Four Visions (snang ba bzhi) and ultimately completes the entire Path of the Great Perfection, manifesting signs of total realization, such as the Rainbow Body ('ja' lus).

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