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Guru-Yoga of Garab Dorje

The Shower of Wisdom — Guru-Yoga of Garab Dorje, by Ju Mipham Rinpoche, translated from the tibetan and commented by Jean-Luc Achard; english translation by Marianne Ginalski with the assistance of the GDTC members. PDF ed., 12 pages.

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In the Nyingmapa tradition, Garab Dorje is considered the first human master of the line of transmission of the Dzogchen teachings. He probably lived around the end of the 7th century in the North West of India. The practice of Garab Dorje translated in this booklet was composed by Ju Mipham Jampel Dorje (1846-1912). It contains the tibetan verses, the phonetics, and the translation, as well as detailed notes explaining how to perform it.


The Shower of Wisdom — Guru-Yoga of Garab Dorje
(dGa’ rab rdo rje’i bla ma’i rnal ‘byor ye shes char ‘beb)

Notes on the Practice of the Guru-Yoga of Garab Dorje du Guru-Yoga de Garab Dorje according to the tradition of de Mipham Jampel Dorje
(Mi pham ‘jam dpal rdo rje’i lugs ltar dga’ rab rdo rje’i bla ma’i rnal ‘byor nyams len gyi zin bris)

1. The concise method

2. The extensive method
  1. The key point of the body
  2. Refuge and development of Bodhicitta

  3. The practice of the three absorptions
    3-1. The absorption of Suchness
    3-2. The all-illuminating absorption
    3-3. The causal absorption

  4. The main visualization
  5. The recitation of the mantra
  6. The perfection phase
  7. The dedication

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