vendredi 10 juin 2016

The Rainbow Bodies, as described by Düdjom Rinpoche

The Rainbow Bodies, as decribed by Düdjom Rinpoche, by Jean-Luc Achard; translated from the French by Marianne Ginalski, Khyung-mkhar, PDF ed., 10 pages.

Back cover :
Over the past twenty years, a growing number of authors extraneous to the Dzogchen tradition have expressed opinions and explanations concerning the Rainbow Body without understanding its nature, its principles and classifications. This Body is the result of the practice of the Great Perfection and manifests, not as a goal to be reached, but as a sign (rtags) indicating the complete perfection of the Dzogchen path. It is indeed unfortunate that such a precious arcanum is presented out of its context, without any comprehension of what its nature is, etc., by people lacking any genuine knowledge of the phenomenon and afflicted by a propensity to mix everything.
This booklet presents the principles underlying the obtainment of the Rainbow Body as it is described by one of Düdjom Rinpoche’s (1904-1987) foremost works detailing the four modalities of this Body according to the traditional Dzogchen teachings. One should hope that the access to this material will lead to the clarification of the numerous erroneous conceptions that cloud the understanding of the Rainbow Body in the West.
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