lundi 17 juillet 2017

The System of the Four Visions of Thögel

The System of the Four Visions of Thögel, by Jean-Luc Achard, translated by Marianne Ginalski, PDF ed., Khyung-mkhar, 2017, 20 pages.

Back cover:

The Four Visions (snang ba bzhi) are one of the central topics of the Dzogchen practice as it is presented in the utterly secret cycle (yang gsang skor) of the Precepts Section (man ngag sde). These visions are the expression of the dynamism of Awareness (rig pa’i rtsal) abiding as increasingly complex visionary displays, which, at the height of their manifestation, culminate as the arising of fivefold maṇḍalas that entirely fill the yogi’s inner Space. At the end of such displays, the practitioner realizes the Great Primordial Purity (ka dag chen po) characterizing the ultimate vision of the Path, namely the Vision of the Exhaustion of Reality (chos nyid zad pa’i snang ba).

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