samedi 28 avril 2018

Chöying 5 — Primordial Emptiness and its Visionary Ornaments

Chöying # 5 — Primordial Emptiness and its Visionary Ornaments, by Jean-Luc Achard, translated from the French by Marianne Ginalski, PDF ed., Khyung-mkhar, April 2018, 12 pages.

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The Primordial Emptiness (ye stong) of the natural state is not a mere nothingness but a condition endowed with a visionary dynamism unfolding in countless ornaments (rgyan) that arise in an unceasing mode (ma ‘gags). Regardless as to how these Ornaments appear, they do not affect the luminous and primordial Emptiness of the natural state, in the same way a mirror is not affected by the images it reflects.

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