dimanche 1 juillet 2012

Khyab rig revisited

It is clear that some individuals refuse to see the truth when it's explained to them, especially when they try to manipulate sources or ridiculize others. Obviously they have agendas which are pathetically ego-centered...

Regarding Khyab rig, I will refer here to the famed Notes and Commentary on the Mother Tantras Thigles (Ma rgyud thig le' mtshan 'grel) by Yongdzin Rinpoche. 

Since people manipulate his teachings and distort the view he advocates on  this subject, I hope that this will clarify the issue once and for all.

There, in the Notes and Commentary on the Mother Tantras (p. 8 of vol. 11 of his Collected Works), Rinpoche says (I just stick to the Khyab rig definition) : 

For those who don't have the Tibetan Machine Web fonts, here is the transliteration :

khyab rig gzhi gsal stong zung 'jug kun la khyab ces pa'i gnas lugs de la 'jog pa dang/

So the translation is :

"— Khyab-rig (Pervading Awareness) is the Base, the union of Clarity and Emptiness (and) is defined as that natural state which is said to embrace all [beings]."

For those who doubt my translation, don't hesitate to use the "commentaire" field below. But all in all the basic vocabulary of this line can be rendered as follows :

Khyab-rig = pervading awareness
gzhi = Base
gsal-stong= clarity and emptiness
zung 'jug = union
kun la khyab = to embrace all
ces pa'i = which is said
gnas lugs = natural state
de la = that (+ gram. case)
'jog pa = to define
dang = and (not translated here since it goes with the next lines dealing with the 2 other forms of Rigpa).

So why is "beings” put in between square brackets in my translation? Well, it's because it is clearly implied. But it is not only clearly implied, it is also explicitely confirmed by the oral teachings of Yongdzin Rinpoche on his own text, an oral teaching that appears in a transcript (and probably soon in book form) entitled Primordial Wisdom in the Continuity of the Mother, Clarification upon the Path of Liberation. Annotation and Commentary on the Essential Points of Primordial Wisdom in the Mother Tantra — Oral commentary by Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, compiled and edited by Gerd Manusch, Naldjor 2003 (61 pages in the A4 edition at my disposal). There, in his own commentary, Yongdzin Rinpoche states EXPLICITELY (p. 14) :

"In general in the Magyü there are three different forms of Awareness or Rigpa (rig pa) :
1. Chyab rig (khyab rig) pervading awareness, which pervades all sentient beings' natural state."

The two other forms of Rigpa which do not raise problem are bsam-rig and ye-rig.

Therefore, contrary to what Luca Violoni wants everyone to believe (and most obviously because his sources (Klein and Wangyel) are flawed), Yongdzin RInpoche's interpretation of khyab-rig is in perfect harmony with the interpretation given by Shardza Rinpoche about Khyab-rig being the Sugatagarbha embracing all beings. This interpretation is the only one valid.

Consequently, the interpretation given in Wonders of the Natural Mind, clearly advocating the fact that khyab-rig embraces material objects, is in all respect wrong and leads to wrong views. I invite everybody to go with the text and check with Lopon for themselves.

What appears as sick and rather disturbing is the deliberate intent from one deluded individual to systematically mislead people. But his "misunderstanding" is made on purpose: it is based on the hinduist view held by this individual regarding an ocean-like consciousness which would embrace all minds and objects within a single cosmic consciousness. This is heresy in terms of Dzogchen perspective. According to the 31 samayas of Dzogchen, wrong views disqualify improper vessels from receiving teachings. Not to mention for transmitting them...

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