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Bönpo Newsletter no. 23, August 2012

Bönpo Newsletter, no. 23, August 2012, PDF ed. 8 pages.

Contents :

I. How to follow a spiritual master according to Shardza Rinpoche — Part II (by Jean-Luc Achard)
— Examining the characteristics of the qualified master
— The qualities of his infinite love
— The qualities of his infinite joy
— The qualities of his infinite equanimity
— The qualities of his infinite Compassion
— Characteristics of his transmissions
— The Eight Defects
— Qualities of the Tantric Master

II. The Wrong Motivation in Teaching according to Shardza Rinpoche (by Jean-Luc Achard)

— Ordinary motivation
— Inferior motivation 
— Intermediate motivation 
— Neutral motivation 

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