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Dzogchen Magyü — The History of the Mother Tantras of the Great Perfection

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Dzogchen Magyü — The History of the Mother Tantras of the Great Perfection. By Jean-Luc Achard, Khyung-mkhar 2011, pdf edition, 46 pages.

This volume contains the history of a cycle of Dzogchen teachings revealed by a female tertön, the celebrated Künga Bum, who was one of the root-masters of the second Dungtso Repa, the revealer of an important Yangti Nakpo cycle of instructions.

The book itself includes the history of the original transmission to Künga Bum, the biographies of the first seven lineage holders, as well as a short essay on the doctrinal contents of the cycle.  In fine, there are two appendixes — the first giving the structure of the cycle, and the second one showing the tree of the transmission lines.

The table of contents of this volume is :

Introduction 7

I. Vajravārāhi, Yeshe Tsogyel and the origin of the lineage 9

II. Künga Bum, Dungtso Repa and the early masters
of the lineage 16
1. Künga Bum and the discovery of Mother Tantras 16
2. Dungtso Repa, the first lineage holder 23
3. Nyima Rangdröl 24
4. Nyida Özer 25
5. Sangye Özer 27
6. Sangye Tsöndrü 28
7. Rinchen Peljor 29

The later transmission of the cycle and its doctrinal
content 33

Appendix I — Table of Contents of the Rinchen Terdzö
edition 39

Appendix II — Lineage chart 41

Bibliography 43

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